I was finally getting myself back on track with school work. I’m not blaming you for dying, that was inevitable. But alas, you died and now for the first time I’m dealing with death and I don’t know how the fuck to do that?

Right when year 12 is getting intense and important I’m left an emotional wreck. 

I feel the lift has been sucked out of me and I just have no motivation to do anything except for lament on a life that I never got to say good bye to.

Will the teachers at school fucking understand that?

This time last year was the chase

I can’t stop thinking about you
You haven’t left my mind for months

I just want to go back to how it was

Those sunny days in the musical
Seeing you every week

It was perfect

The best time of my life it was

My heart hurts

And this isn’t just some dramatic tumblr post

My heart legitimately hurts lmao I need a doctor

"Don’t get attached to moments. Good or bad, they all pass."

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